Pinterest "It's Possible" 2023

BUCK created this series of spots for Pinterest’s “It’s Possible” campaign to go beyond inspiration, showcasing the nuanced uses of Pinterest as a tool for action — from hosting events to taking trips and more.

Editor | Created by BUCK for Pinterest

Thorne: Build to Last 2023

BUCK partnered with Thorne on Build to Last: an evocative, story-driven, global campaign that draws parallels between Thorne and the Wades’ pursuit of excellence.

Editor | Created by BUCK for Thorne

Sony Pictures Animation Spider-Man:
Across the Spider-Verse 2023

When the opportunity to collaborate with Sony Pictures Animation on a key sequence for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse came BUCK’s way, they were so excited they ran up the walls. 

For the sequence, BUCK brought Gwen Stacy’s inner world to life and told the backstory to help set up the rest of the film. The idea was to do this in a painterly style that mimicked the character’s own comic book-style universe.

Editor | Created by BUCK for Sony Picture Animation

Aria - This Is How We Vegas

Assistant Editor | Created by BUCK for Aria

Hop On | Lunar Revel 2023 Cinematic - Riot Games

This short film that takes you on a paper craft journey from workshop to Lunar Year Festival, encapsulating the magic and excitement that Riot Games brings to the celebration for gamers across the globe.

Assistant Editor | Created by BUCK for Riot Games

Headspace Members 2022

A campaign that reflects on real members and their personal journeys to living more mindful lives.

Assistant Editor. DIT | Created by BUCK for Headspace

Illumina 2022

Illumina is the leader of genomic sequencing, pioneering technology to help solve humanity’s most complex problems.

Assistant Editor | Created by BUCK for Illumina

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